Reader’s Request: Vanessa Hudgens and Feather Earrings

Almost all of you are big fans of Vanessa Hud­gens style :) I also like some of her pieces. My reader Grace asked me to find some feather rings sim­i­lar to those Vanessa wore. First of all, feather print is one of the trends this sea­son. And of course, feather ear­rings look very-very cute for sum­mer sim­ple white tank, I mean such acces­sory can help you with sum­mer chic out­fit! Vanessa knows it, she likes feather ear­rings very much:

Vanessa Hudgens in Feather Earrings

She wears Jen­nifer Shon feather ear­rings, which might be a bit expen­sive. They’re avail­able at ShopRobert­son. Also, i’ve found some cute and not cheap at Saks by Alex and Ani:

Jennifer Shon Feather Earrings

You can surely have some afford­able alter­na­tives at UrbanOut­fit­ters, Char­lotte Russe, Polyvore and Tillys:

Affordable Feather Earrings

I think, pair of trendy feather ear­rings is a great way to fresh your sum­mer outfit!

Source: ShopRobert­son
Source: Saks
Source: UrbanOut­fit­ters
Source: Polyvore
Source: Tillys
Source: Vanessa


  1. Jina says:

    I found Vanessa Hud­gens style feather ear­rings for inex­penssive price.

    • anna says:

      Hi Jina,

      I fol­lowed you link, it’s great! Thank you so much!

      I think my read­ers like them a lot :)

      Keep in touch :)

      • Jina says:

        Hi Anna.

        I’ve just checked it and it is avail­able.
        Hope it is also work­ing for you.
        Take care.