Balmain vs bebe vs Oasis

This sea­son Bal­main cloth­ing and shoes are the most desir­able pieces for me! This time there is a sex­i­est skirt with beyond the clouds price!

Balmain studded black mini skirt

This ultra glam­orous curve con­tour­ing stud­ded black mini skirt from Bal­main can be paired with fierce heels and an over­sized blazer for an evening ensem­ble with rock-chic appeal. It’s avail­able at Net-a-Porter:

Balmain studded black mini skirt

At bebe I’ve found a Bal­main style dress, which I liked so much! With alter­nat­ing rows of stud­ded sil­ver and gun­metal bead­ing, the basic dress is trans­formed into a sym­phony of embell­ished style. Strap­less, straight neck­line with detach­able strap:

Bebe studded black mini dress

You can pair it with one these san­dals and get a stun­ning outfit!

UPD: if you live in UK, you can pur­chase very nice zip­per stud­ded skirt at Oasis:

Oasis studded black mini dress

Bey­once wore this amaz­ing skirt at London’s O2 arena, she added sim­ple tank and very-very high heels!

Beyonce in a studded Balmain mini skirt

Source: Net-a-Porter
Source: bebe
Source: Oasis
Source: Bey­once

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  1. Carla says:

    Hi, I’m sell­ing my Bal­main san­dals by Zara. The rea­son? I thought I could sur­vive the heel but I can’t, and before they die in my closet, I hope another Bal­main addict girl want them!!

    Any­way, get a look at them. They are brand new, with the plas­tic cover at the sole, the price tag, every­thing. I ship worldwide.

    Good look!!