MCQ Alexander McQueen vs Oasis

Zebra print is a sea­son hit! Wild and sexy! Alexan­der McQueen’s dresses can help you in get­ting such a look. This zebra zip­pered maxi top is fea­tured with bold, squared-off sil­hou­ette shim­mers sub­tly in rich silk crepe, with the dra­matic con­trast of black and white in an edgy ren­di­tion of zebra stripes, with wide slashed neck­line adjustable with dou­ble zip­pers, to wear on or off the shoul­der. It’s avail­able at Chick­down­town. How­ever, you can pur­chase sim­i­lar zebra print mini dress at oasis.

Alexander McQueen zebra top

Also I wanna show you black and white spaghetti strap McQueen dress. Graphic stripes morph into exotic zebra pat­tern­ing, a smooth 100% cot­ton. This dress is also avail­able at Chick­down­town. You can though pur­chase blurred zebra print dress at oasis as well.

Alexander McQueen zebra dress

Source: Chick­down­town
Source: Oasis

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  1. Hermine says:

    Hmm, this is a dif­fi­cult one and i’m not really sure which one i like better…The Oasis mini dress is prob­a­bly the one i like the most as i’d make a pass on the others