Michael Kors dress, Dior sandals! Meet Angelina Jolie!

When I saw those pic­tures from “Inglou­ri­ous Bas­terds”, I was so impressed how by her look! I was just think­ing to have such a nice dress! I’ve found out that this is a dress by Michael Kors Fall 2009 with a price $3295. Of course, the dress was sold imme­di­ately after Angelina wore it. It WAS avail­able at Nord­strom:

Michael Kors black leather mini dress Fall 2009

I like her Rock style so much, with this leather mini dress and strappy san­dals… OMG, I will remem­ber it for sure very long!

Angelin Jolie and Brad Pitt at

How­ever, I have a good news for those who want to try this out­fit for a less money ;) First of all, you can find a nice faux leather mini dress at Forever21:

Angelin Jolie black leather dress for less Forever21

Asos has a very nice alternative:

Asos Bustier mini dress lookalike Angelina Jolie

At UrbanOut­fit­ters you can find really nice sim­i­lar dresses, Sun­set dress and CORPUS dresses:

UrbanOutfitters lookalike Angelina Jolie dressUrbanOutfitters lookalike Angelina Jolie dress

UPD: at Mango you can find very nice alter­na­tive for a less money:

Mango lether dress lookalike Angelina Jolie dress

Finally, let’s have a look at her shoes! She’ve cho­sen strappy Dior san­dals, avail­able cur­rently at Bergdor­f­Good­man:

Angelina Jolie and Dior strappy sandals for less

Actu­ally, I couldn’t find matchy-matchy alter­na­tives, but I’m pretty sure that after those night out we will have many sim­i­lar san­dals for a less money! Now, you can find sim­i­lar at Asos Har­low, Char­lotte Russe, Bak­ers Alysa, Faith(Asos) and Anne Michelle (LuLu’s) with very friendly prices!

Very sexy look for self-confident woman!

UPD: well, as I said we all will have sim­i­lar alter­na­tives many times more. This time is bebe ver­sion, not really cheap, but com­pletely match of Dior:

bebe Chelsea heels

UPD2: dsw has light ver­sion with very friendly price:

dsw Madden Girl Lustrous Platform Gladiator

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  1. Hermine says:

    OMG!!! After Angie rocked the dress, i totally want to get the one from ASOS for my for­mal in Novem­ber. But i’ll defi­nately be wear­ing some coloured heels with them though

  2. budget chic says:

    Those are some really great options to Angelina dress which she totally look hot in! I’m so feel­ing the Urban Out­fit­ters and ASOS dresses. If I did not have so much cleav­age I would rock that look!