Missoni vs Topshop

This Mis­soni Brina Ruf­fle Tunic Dress is lovely one, I’ve ever seen. Sand­stone stripes are ruched and gath­ered, with a wind­storm of ruf­fles at your sides. You can buy it at Saks and eLux­ury with discount:

Missoni Brina Ruffle Tunic Dress

For­tu­nately, I have a great alter­na­tive for you!

At Top­shop you can find a very sim­i­lar tunic for a less money!

Topshop Zabra Tunic Dress

Pair this mini dress with glad­i­a­tor san­dals and get great sum­mer outfit!

Source: Saks
Source: eLux­ury
Source: Top­shop

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