Oscar de la Renta vs Adam vs Vero Moda vs Topshop

Do you like styl­ish black and white tops? They suit well with white pant or skirt:
This spring Ready-to-Wear 2009 fash­ion show Oscar de la Renta (l) and Adam ® offer such looks:

black and white Oscar de la Renta topblack and white Adam top

Vero Moda offers also a nice one:

black and white Vero Moda top

White skirts are avail­able at Top­shop:

Topshop white skirtTopshop white skirt

and at Asos:

Asos tulip white skirt

White pants Robert Rodriguez (l) and Tufi Duek (m) are avail­able at Blue­fly and Top­shop ®:

Bluefly Robert Rodriguez white pantsBluefly Tufi Duek white pantsTopshop white pants

You can also find a nice black and white geo­met­ric dress, like at asos.com:

Asos black and white dress

Nice white berets at Skhat­shop (l) and Urbanout­fit­ters ®:

Skhatshop white beretUrbanoutfitters white beret

Source: style.com
Source: veromoda.com
Source: topshop.com
Source: asos.com
Source: bluefly.com
Source: skhatshop.com
Source: urbanoutfitters.com

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