Readers Request: Red Valentino boatneck dress and Lauren Conrad

Sarah asked:

Anna-Thanks to Twit­ter, I am now a new fan of your web­site. I wish I would have dis­cov­ered it sooner, it is so help­ful, I love it! Here are my requests for you to find these celebrity/luxury brand cloth­ing for less money, when you have the time!
Robert Rodriguez Embell­ished Chif­fon Dress worn by Lo Bosworth on the MTV’s “The Hills”.
Red Valentino Boat­neck Dress worn by Lau­ren Con­rad (in blue) on MTV’s “The Hills”.

I’m glad to receive such a nice mes­sage and happy to help :) Well, this dress in brown and in blue you can find at Saks and Far­fetch.:

Lauren Conrad in Red Valentino boatneck dress at MTV's

Some alter­na­tives I could find are not very cheap, how­ever they look very ele­gant. You can Nygard Col­lec­tion teal dress at Dil­lards as well as Calvin Klein in Kelly and Brown:

Calvin Klein boatneck dress

I’ve also found some sum­mer alter­na­tive dresses by Alex Marie and Lulus:

Alex MArie and Lulu's boatneck dresses

Hope, you like some of these sum­mer pieces! I per­son­ally love their kind of 50s style — it looks so romantic :)

Source: Saks
Source: Far­fetch
Source: Dil­lards
Source: Lulus
Source: Lau­ren Conrad


  1. Hermine says:

    I like the Lulu and Alex Marie ones best

  2. Gina says:

    I love the Alex Marie dress! Stunning.

  3. Budget Chic says:

    I love all them right, right up my aisle

  4. Mary says:

    Alex Marie is the best one for me!

  5. anna says:

    Agree with you girls, Alex Marie looks very-very nice! Also I like choco­late Calvin Klein one :)

  6. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Anna for your help!

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