Alice + Olivia vs Forever21: Go Wild!

This Fall/Winter sea­son it’s time to be wild! Leop­ard jacket or coat is a real sea­son trend! You all know that Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Rihanna and oth­ers are big fans of leop­ard coats. But this time I’ll show some cropped jack­ets, which look even more sex­ier than coats, I think!

Look at Lily Don­ald­son and Anna Friel:

Lily Donaldson and Anna Friel in cropped leopard jacket

Alice + Olivia offers a really nice one Faux Leop­ard Jacket:

 Alice+Olivia cropped Faux Leopard Jacket

If you find sim­i­lar one with a friendly price, ten times less than Alice+Olivia offers! You can find it here, Forever21:

Forever21 cropped Faux Leopard Jacket

Go Wild!

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