Looks like Chanel and Olga Kurylenko

At Chanel fash­ion show Spring 2009 Karl Lager­feld offered a nice and so fem­i­nine blouse with bow in which Bond girl Olga Kurylenko appeared at Chanel Fall 2009 fash­ion show:

Chanel blouseOlga Kurylenko in Chanel

I think the blouse and skirt cost a lot, so I found the same look for a less money!

White blouses are avail­able at New York and com­pany for $32.95 (left) and at Old Navy for $24.50 (right):

New York and Company blouseOld Navy blouse

Black skirts are avail­able at Asos for $130.43 (left) and at Forever21 for $19.80 (right):

Asos skirtForever21 skirt

and also at Urbanout­fit­ters for $38 (left) and at NYand­com­pany for $29.95 (right)

Urbanoutfitters skirtNew York and Company skirt

Black bow belts are avail­able at Asos for $80.90:

Asos Ted baker bow belt

at Blue­fly for $81.00:

Bluefly bow belt

and at Amer­i­can Apparel just for $8:

American apparel bow belt

Finally, let me offer you sum­mer ver­sion with yel­low belt and white skirt:)

The white skirt is avail­able at New York and Com­pany for $29.95 and yel­low belt is avail­able at Asos for $80.90:

New York and Company skirtAsos Ted baker bow belt

What do you think about this look? Do you like it or not so much?
I love it and find it sexy and the same time a bit girl­ish look, espe­cially my sum­mer version :)

Enjoy your style!

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