Proenza Schouler vs Topshop vs Miss Selfridge

Proenza Schouler ban­dage pen­cil skirt is very provoca­tive! It only looks very sim­ple, but it’s not. Luxe vis­cose crépe mini fits like a glove. You can pair it with heels or flats, with tank and vest.

Proenza Shchouler bandage pencil skirt

It’s avail­able at Saks:

Proenza Shchouler bandage pencil skirt

Well, any­way I think almost one thou­sand is too much for skirt in cri­sis times :) So, I’ve found great alter­na­tives. At Top­shop you can find sim­i­lar pan­elled body­con skirt in black and turquoise:

Topshop bodycon panelled skirt

How­ever, read­ing one of my favourite blogs by The Girl In A Cash­mere Daze about a great online shop Miss Sel­f­ridge, I’ve found in this shop many inter­est­ing pieces. The good thing is that they ship in Europe, USA and Aus­tralia!
Have a look at this black ribbed mini skirt:

Miss Selfridge black ribbed mini skirt

Don’t be afraid to cre­ate a hot outfit!

Source: Saks
Source: Top­shop
Source: Miss Sel­f­ridge


  1. Hermine says:

    The blue one from Top­shop cer­tainly looks really good but i think that in these eco­nomic times, buy­ing both colours would cer­tainly bring a smile to my face. Just imag­ine wear­ing that bright blue to boost my con­fi­dence. Only down­side is that we’re head­ing towards win­ter in Australia.…so that skirt is risky busi­ness now…lol…maybe i’ll buy it and wear in summer

    • anna says:

      i also like blue one :) btw, just now noticed they have white one, as well good for sum­mer :)
      and how is it going in win­ter in Aus­tralia? i thought it’s warm any­way, isn’t it?

      • Hermine says:

        Ha.…winter here is kinda crazy in its own way. Each state has their own ver­sion of win­ter and the ones up north tend to have MY idea of sum­mer as their win­ter. I spent win­ter last year close to the north in Queens­land and it sort of felt like the begin­ning of autumn to me as i was flip flops through­out!!! but right now i’m in NSW and its a bit different…i reckon its gonna get much colder here but defi­nately not a proper win­ter like they get in Mel­bourne, Can­berra or Tasmania.…Btw i’m scared of white skirts as i always worry about stainin them…lol