Givenchy Spring-Summer 2009 Must-Haves

This time I decided to start a new sec­tion about make-up. As you know every sea­son famous labels launch not only cloth­ing, but hit a make-up trends. Usu­ally, there are sev­eral new sea­sonal must-haves to express your beauty! Cre­ative direc­tor invites a model to show the make-up trends. Then in early spring they launch a cam­paign, and you and me go shop­ping to make our­selves happy :)

This post is about Givenchy spring make-up col­lec­tion. Cre­ative direc­tor Nico­las Degennes was inspired by India flavour.

Givenchy Spring-Summer 2009 make-up collection

“I have been, some­times with­out real­iz­ing it, inspired by his­tor­i­cal, tra­di­tional India. A mys­te­ri­ous, mag­i­cal, dis­qui­et­ing India. The India of sym­bols and thou­sands of gods, where even cows and ele­phants are made up and ‘bejew­elled’. The India of fairy tales, of Mahara­jas and espe­cially Maha­ra­nis, wrapped up in their silk saris and cov­ered in pre­cious jewels.” — Nicolas said.

He con­tin­ued — “Based on truly tan­gi­ble val­ues: earth, water and light. Nat­u­rally, once you get over the daz­zle, you always come back to the heart and soul.”

Well, let’s have a look at this:

The girl is a model Michaela Kocianova from Slovakia.

Givenchy Spring-Summer 2009 make-up collection

PRECIOUS SARI glit­ter Eye­shadow palettes.
The Bol­ly­wood vision of the sari, embroi­dered with mir­rors and gold. A wealth of pre­cious beauty in Maha­rani Sil­ver and Maha­rani Gold:

Givenchy shades

How to use:
Nico­las Degennes rec­om­mends lay­er­ing them or using them over a pow­der eye­shadow (such as Eye & Brow Prisme, to evoke the earth element).

SARI GLOW Lumi­nous cheek pow­der.
Two shades, orange and pink:
 – Pink for a touch of sweet­ness and demure fem­i­nin­ity: N°43 Maha­rani Pink.
 – Orange for the earth, omnipresent in all its shades and vari­a­tions: N°44 Maha­rani Orange.

Givenchy check powder

ROUGE INTERDIT Satin Lip­stick Irre­sistible colour.
Earth and henna, so much a part of India, inspired N°40 Maha­rani Rose and N°41 Maha­rani Henna:

Givenchy lipstick

PRISMISSIME VISAGE Face & Eye Pow­der 9-Colors.
Two palettes:
 – N°21 Maha­rani Pinks to brighten fair com­plex­ions.
 – N°22 Maha­rani Apri­cots tinged with orange to flat­ter darker and tanned complexions.

Givenchy powder

N°161 Maha­rani Pink and N°162 Maha­rani Tan­ger­ine can be applied in one coat for a semi-transparent result, in two coats for a more intense colour, or even com­bin­ing the two shades to adorn the nails with a line, a dot or a bindi.

Givenchy nail polish

Stay tuned! Next make-up post will be about Chanel!