Balenciaga vs Topshop

Get ready to com­ing Fall! Here in Oslo is get­ting colder, so lovely booties would be great to get warm! Look at these lovely booties by Balen­ci­aga Oxford Bootie, avail­able at Bar­neys:

Balenciaga Oxford Bootie Fall 2009

You can have a cheaper pair of Astride Lace Up Ankle Booties at Top­shop in black and beige:

Topshop Astride Lace Up Ankle Booties Fall 2009

Be ready for Fall!

Source: Bar­neys
Source: Top­shop


  1. Hermine says:

    I actu­ally pre­fer the top­shop one to the balenciaga’s

  2. anna says:

    me too, but in beige colour