Balmain vs Bakers

These Bal­main stud­ded crys­tal san­dals are def­i­nitely sea­son hit! Many brands copy them! The most inter­est­ing thing is that all copies are sold out within min­utes! So, you’re lucky to catch this afford­able ver­sion avail­able at Bak­ers:

Lookalike Balmain studded crystal sandals

You can surely afford high fashion!

Source: LuisaViaRoma
Source: Bak­ers


  1. Hermine says:

    They look really sim­i­lar and its also very pretty. Its such a shame that i can’t walk in stiletto’s. They need to start mak­ing ver­sions in wedge heels

  2. sexi101 says:

    Damn these are rock­ing. I actu­ally pre­fer the Baker’s copy.

  3. Carla says:

    Hi, I’m sell­ing my Bal­main san­dals by Zara. The rea­son? I thought I could sur­vive the heel but I can’t, and before they die in my closet, I hope another Bal­main addict girl want them!!

    Any­way, get a look at them. They are brand new, with the plas­tic cover at the sole, the price tag, every­thing. I ship worldwide.

    Good look!!

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