Chanel vs Forever21 vs bebe

Chanel jelly thong san­dals were hits of pre­vi­ous sea­sons and sold out imme­di­ately. The price was about $350! Too much for jelly flip flop, isn’t it? You can find blue at Blue­fly for $220 (was $275), pink at eBay for $419.95. At the Spring-Summer Resort 2009 show Mr. Lager­feld offered black and white camel­lia flower ver­sion with price about $350. Let’s have a look at them all:

Chanel jelly thong sandalsChanel jelly thong sandalsChanel jelly thong sandals

Well, if you don’t wanna spend almost three hun­dreds dol­lars on it, then I have good news for you. Forever21 made me glad to know about com­pletely the same jelly san­dals, but for really LESS money $5.50 in pink, black and clear:

Forever21 jelly thong sandals

Do you still want to pay much for them?

Thanks to my reader Aly Rizzo for the hint!

UPD: I’ve just found in Kmart yel­low, blue and red ver­sion of these nice jellys:

Kmart jelly thong sandals

UPD2: you can also have a black and white ver­sion at bebe just for $29:

bebe jelly thong black and white sandals

Source: Chanel
Source: Blue­fly
Source: Forever21
Source: Kmart
Source: bebe

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