Gucci vs Aldo vs GoJane vs Makemechic — Rihanna’s Choice

I’ve already posted about so desir­able strappy Gucci plat­forms, this time is again about Gucci plat­forms, but another ver­sion :) You can pur­chase them at Saks:

Gucci 3 strappy platforms

Wanna have these? No problem!

Aldo have two ver­sions: in white and black, actu­ally irre­place­able colours for summer!

Aldo 3 strappy platforms

GoJane also have afford­able ver­sion in black, sil­ver and gold, my favourite one:

GoJane 3 strappy platforms

Also at Make­mechic you can find two sim­i­lar afford­able ver­sions: Fume and Solace. Fume are given in black, brown and pur­ple:

Fume Make Me Chic 3 strappy platforms

Solace are given in red, black, gray (my favourite here) and sil­ver:

Solace Make Me Chic 3 strappy platforms

Rihanna wore them at her daily catwalk:

Rihanna wears Gucci strappy platforms

UPD: at Asos you can find very sim­i­lar ones, but not for cheap unfortunately:

Asos Leather Snake Effect Double Buckle High Platform Sandals

Source: Saks
Source: GoJane
Source: Aldo
Source: Make­mechic
Source: Rihanna


  1. Budget Chic says:

    Aldos, Qupid Shoes, Anne Michelle and a few other shoe lines already have copies of these shoe, I think these will be quite pop­u­lar for the sum­mer. Thanks for the post on this.

    • anna says:

      exactly :) these heels are def­i­nitely sea­son hit, but i hardly can imag­ine how to wear them, really high heels to kill myself :)