Reader’s Request: Gucci vs GoJane vs Charlotte Russe and Heidi Montag

Kat asked: I was won­der­ing if you could please help me find these shoes that Heidi’s wear­ing? Thanks a bunch!!!!
Kat wants to have san­dals which Heidi Mon­tag wore strolling with Spencer Pratt along the Santa Mon­ica Pier at sun­set, 1st May 2009.

Heidi Montag in Gucci platform sandals

No prob­lem, Kat :)

Heidi wears Gucci T-strap plat­form san­dals, avail­able at Saks in metal­lic and gold:

Gucci t-strap platform sandals

You can find afford­able alter­na­tives in black, white, brown and cht­nut at GoJane:

GoJane t-strap buckle platform sandals

BTW, they resem­bles Pedro Gar­cia ones :)

Enjoy you fresh and lovely stroll!

UPD: i’ve just found great black and white ver­sions by Char­lotte Russe:

Charlotte Russe t-strap buckle platform sandals

Source: Saks
Source: GoJane
Source: Char­lotte Russe
Source: Heidi Mon­tag


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