Reader’s Request: Hayden Panettiere and Stuart Weitzman Sandals!

Bre wrote:

Anna -

Hello. I saw this pic­ture of Hay­den P. and I was won­der­ing if you could tell me where she got them from and maybe find some cheaper alter­na­tives. I would greatly appre­ci­ate it!


Well, first of all, I’m back from long vaca­tions and start post­ing now :) hope you have a good sum­mer time :)

Hay­den appeared in this Car­o­line Seikaly dress and Stu­art Weitz­man san­dals at Let­ter­man Show at the begin­ning of July. The san­dals look sim­ple but sexy the same time.

Hayden Penettiere and Stuart Weitzman platform sandals

You can still find them at dis­count at

Hayden Penettiere and Stuart Weitzman platform sandals

How­ever, you can find a cheaper alter­na­tives at GoJane and Bak­ers:

Hayden Penettiere and Jessica Simpson platform sandals

Keep on summering!

Source: Hay­den
Source: Hay­den
Source: End­less
Source: Bak­ersshoes


  1. budget chic says:

    Those are some cute afford alternatives

  2. Shanice says:

    I actu­ally have a pair of shoes that look EXACTLY like Hayden’s. I got them for 15 dol­lars at Ross!