Reader’s Request: Vanessa Hudgens and Michelle Rodriguez love Report Signature heels!

Lor­raine asked: “Hi Anna! Was won­der­ing if you could help, I LOVE the shoes Michelle is pic­tured wear­ing here And Vanessa is wear­ing the same here. Can you help me?! Thanks :)”

Well, Vanessa and Michelle both wear Report Sig­na­ture Ran­dolph heels, which are actu­ally very hot!

Vanessa Hudgens and Michelle Rodriguz wear Report Signature Randolph heels

These nice san­dals are avail­able at Shop­bop, Singer22, Heels and Zap­pos:

Report Signature Randolph heels

You can surely buy orig­i­nal ones, the price is not extremely high com­pared to luxe brands like Gucci or so, they just cost about $180, what is close to real­ity :) How­ever, I could find some really afford­able alter­na­tives :)
At GoJane you can find them both in black and white and blue, the lat­ter is my favourite — they’re just beg­ging to let them go out :)

Lookalike Vanessa Hudgens GoJane heels

Finally, at Make­MeChic you can find them also in black, but also in sum­mer colours:

Lookalike Vanessa Hudgens Make Me Chic heels

Enjoy you heels!

Source: Shop­bop
Source: Singer22
Source: Heels
Source: Zap­pos
Source: GoJane
Source: Make Me Chic
Source: Vanessa Hud­gens
Source: Michelle Rodriguez


  1. Hermine says:

    I love the black Go Jane ones and the pink ones from Make Me Chic. Although, i cant imag­ine how i’d be able to walk in them cuz they’re pretty high

  2. budget chic says:

    I noticed that Vanessa Hudgen’s likes to shop off of that shop­bop site or should I say they pro­vide her cloth­ing for her. I’m sure every­thing she rocks from that web­site is pro bono. I would wait it out for the Report Sig­na­ture shoes. It’s worth it and maybe it will go on sale or show up on Ebay for $99.