Sergio Rossi vs Promiscuous vs Bakers

Anchor this season’s Gre­cian sil­hou­ettes with Ser­gio Rossi’s fab­u­lous mono­chrome plat­forms, which ar eaavail­able at Net-a-Porter. You can find an afford­able ver­sion by Promis­cu­ous at Zap­pos. Com­pare:

Sergio Rossi monochrome platform sandals

UPD: I’ve just found sim­i­lar and cheaper ones at Bak­ers:

Bakers monochrome platform sandals

Source: Net-a-Porter
Source: Zap­pos
Source: Bak­ers

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  1. budget chic says:

    I’ve also seen these in either black or brown at Bak­ers I believe or some­where else.