YSL vs Bakers vs Topshop

YSL cage san­dals is also one of this sea­son hits! You can buy them in black at Mytheresa and in metal­lic at Saks. BTW the prices are different :)

Yves Saint Laurent Cage Sandals

How­ever, at Bak­ers you can find afford­able ver­sion in black, white and and bronze:

Bakers Cage Sandals

You can surely afford high fashion!

UPD: at Top­shop you can find two great ver­sions of razor-caged heeled san­dals in sil­ver and black

Topshop Cage Sandals

Source: Mytheresa
Source: Bak­ers
Source: Top­shop

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  1. Nitta says:

    I like the Bak­ers ver­sion best