Chanel vs Monki

Karl sur­passed him­self by launch­ing a new bag Chanel COCO COCOON. This is a really nice piece! You all have seen pics from their cam­paign with Johnny Depp’s wife Vanessa Par­adis. She was look­ing so charm­ing there with one of the COCO COCOON bag:

Vanessa Paradis in the campaign of Chanel Coco Cocoon bag by Karl Lagerfeld></p>
<p>They offer many options of this COCOON bag. I hardly can tell you the price, since you can’t buy it online or via some retail­ers, it’s avail­able ONLY in Chanel stores. But, I have a very nice afford­able option for you!</p>
<p><span id=

This one costs prob­a­bly sev­eral thousands:

Chanel Coco Cocoon bag

and this one is avail­able at Monki­world:

Chanel Coco Cocoon bag

Good option, isn’t it?

Source: Monki
Source: Chanel COCO COCOON

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