“Boyfriend” dress: D&G vs Topshop

When I first saw this sweater-dress, I was think­ing to buy it imme­di­ately. But then I found an alternative…

D&G runaway fall 2010 -Sweater dress

If you can, you can spend almost $500 and buy this D&G dress at Net-a-Porter

Wool sweater dress by D&G

Cable knit wool sweater dress

Or you can save about $400 and get it at Top­shop

Topshop jumper

I guess the last one looks pretty nice! Great option for win­ter time.

Source: Net-A-Porter
Source: Top­shop

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  1. What a cozy sweater! The Top­shop ver­sion is def­i­nitely a great alter­na­tive! Thank you again for drop­ping by my blog:)