Chanel vs Jeffrey Campbell

Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Chanel col­lec­tion was incred­i­bly amaz­ing! Karl Lager­feld pre­sented an arc­tic scene where mod­els demon­strated shaggy boots with iced heels and very extrav­a­gant out­fits. Since Chanel items are not avail­able any­where else but Chanel shops, I don’t know the exact price for these lovely fur boots. But I found a great afford­able alter­na­tive by Jef­frey Camp­bell. Compare?

Chanel vs Jeffrey Campbell shaggy snow boots

No sur­prises these boots look amaz­ingly warm and cosy, I really love them. But I’m sure not many peo­ple can afford them. More­over, they look a bit of unprac­ti­cal when there is a slush out­side. My sec­ond find­ing com­pen­sates this short­com­ing by leather toe.

Chanel shaggy snow boots

They look at least not worse than Chanel boots, and suit to the weather much more! You can pur­chase them at Kar­maloop shop:

Jeffrey Campbell fur boots

What do you think?


  1. Puck says:

    I pre­fer Chanel’s, they’re way more classy in my opin­ion. Love your blog!


  2. Rosie says:

    Campbell’s are way bet­ter, Chanel’s remind me of a nasty wet dog.

  3. Alexa Axtle says:

    Hey I am in mex­ico, I love those kind of boots, do you know where can I get them???Thank you