Mango Lookbook Spring 2011

Mango Lookbook Spring 2011, 'Nude' collection

Again nude colours for com­ing sea­son: fem­i­nine tops and skirts, inter­est­ing bags and pumps. Take a look and make a choice for the spring time :-)

Mango Spring 2011 - jacket and skirt

Mango Spring 2011 - top, pants and heels

Mango Spring 2011 - skirt and leather cubic bag

Mango Spring 2011 - flower dress

Mango Spring 2011 - pants and knitwear

Mango Spring 2011 - top and skirt

Mango Spring 2011 - dress

Source: Mango


  1. Love the nude palette and the flo­ral prints! I’m head­ing to Mango in a bit actu­ally so glad to see the preview :)

  2. Love this col­lec­tion!
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  3. Hi! Love the nude clothes, in fact, I am find­ing myself only buy­ing pow­der pink and nude every shop­ping ven­ture I seem to have..I did grab a black pair of leg­gings (flat­ter­ing I guess) but as for nude it’s unbeatable..thanks for sharing..xx V

    • anna says:

      nude colours are safe, it’s true, you can com­bine them with every other… nude ;) i also wear beige, grey, white and pow­der pink a lot, but this sum­mer i feel like i need some­thing bright and shiny on me :)

  4. Anna says:

    ANNA! STOP mak­ing me obsessed with your blog. lol. these out­fits are amaz­ing, yet again. and i don’t own any of them. :) but another won­der­fully inspir­ing post. huge sup­porter. if you get a sec­ond please stop by to see mul­ti­ple post a day on all the lat­est celebrity fash­ion news. Would love your sup­port. xoxo

  5. Mike says:

    Nice blog!