Zara Lookbook May 2011

Zara Blue Silk Top

Meet new shoots by Zara! This col­lec­tion offers so many nice pieces: lovely skirts and blouses, bomber silky jack­ets, tribal pants and jeans shorts. I also find a red skirt and dress so cute for night out.

Zara Tribal Pants
Zara Linen Jacket
Zara White Slim Cut Pants
Zara Gold Leather Skirt
Zara White Silk Blouse
Zara Red Silk Maxi Dress
Zara Cheetah Bomber Jacket
Zara Black Silk Bomber Jacket
Zara Silk Nude Top
Zara Red Pencil Skirt
Zara Cropped Shorts
Zara White Maxi Dress
Zara Blue Jacket
Zara Flower Printed Silk Dress
Zara White Shirt
Zara White Shorts
Zara Black Silk Jacket
Zara Silver Pumps
Zara White Country Style Dress
Zara Green Dress

Do you like some of these pieces and looks?

Source: Zara

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  1. Wida says:

    I want it all!

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