Hervé Léger vs CELEBBoutique

Gold sequined skinny dresses

We all know that all the celebri­ties wear Hervé Léger dress prob­a­bly more often than any other dress! This time you can have a very nice afford­able gold option.

You can pur­chase this sequined ban­dage Hervé Léger dress at Net-a-Porter:

Sequined bandage dress by Herve Leger

Or another trendy metal­lic ‘Ali­cia’ Gold Glit­ter Body Con Mini Dress is avail­able at CELEB­Bou­tique:

Gold Glitter Body Con Dress

Which shoes would you pair with this dress: neu­tral or also some bright and metallic?

UPDATE (Jan­u­ary 3, 2012):

Offi­cial State­ment From CelebBoutique.com

Thank you for your com­ments on our site & brand. Our cus­tomers are of course the most impor­tant part of our busi­ness and to hear such sto­ries upsets us deeply how­ever we have found that sev­eral com­peti­tor sites are using this blog as a forum to cre­ate false & untrue sto­ries about our com­pany. We have 18,000 + face­book fol­low­ers, 10,000 + twit­ter fol­low­ers and thou­sands of orders placed daily, if you see our twit­ter, face­book & more you will find we have hun­dreds of thou­sands of cus­tomers who are very happy with our items & ser­vice. We have also been fea­tured in count­less mag­a­zines inter­na­tion­ally who all approve of our site. Please do con­tinue to do your research as Celeb­Bou­tique is a ver­i­fied com­pany with sev­eral years of expe­ri­ence and we are sure that if you do choose to shop with us that it will be a pos­i­tive experience.


  1. Lila says:

    I have vis­ited the Celeb Bou­tique site, but have you ever actu­ally ordered form them? How is the quality?

    • anna says:

      Hi Lila,

      I didn’t buy any­thing there. But there def­i­nitely should be a friendly return pol­icy, check their con­di­tions. So if it doesn’t fit, you can nor­mally send it back and don’t lose the money.

      I did it sev­eral times, but with other online stores. It worked.

  2. gt says:

    I bought one but it did not fit. It cost almost $50 to return from the US and then they charge cus­tom fees on top of that. So you need to make sure you will not be return­ing because it will be over $100 and I sure did not know that.

    • anna says:

      Oh, I wouldn’t guess it costs so much, not so customer’s friendly actu­ally. I hon­estly always check up returns pol­icy before to pur­chase, but some­times you can miss all these tiny font details… bad for them!

  3. HANNAH says:

    I just want to really warn every­one about celebboutique.They are a very dis­hon­est com­pany and you should NEVER buy from them.I learned the hard way.After buy­ing a skirt from them,the seam split as I was try­ing it on for the first time.After email­ing them all they offered me was a £10 dis­count off my next order!After a 20 min phonecall(at my expense)they even­tu­ally agreed to exchange the skirt,but I would have to pay the postage even though the goods were faulty!!I protested and they agreed to refund me my postage costs if I emailed a copy of the receipt and sent it by spe­cial delivery(which cost me £6.70),which I did but they still didn’t refund the costs.When I received the sec­ond skirt,(after wait­ing 2 weeks and hav­ing to phone and email to find out what had hap­pened to it)it had 3 small dirty marks on it which looked like oil,and it split again on the side seam!!!
    I emailed imme­di­ately as again I had only just tried on the skirt when this hap­pened again,and after no reply ini­tially I sent a more agres­sive email.To this I got an apolo­getic reply and they promised to refund the skirt and my postage cost for return­ing the skirt this time too.
    I waited for a month until my next bank state­ment came and I dis­cov­ered NO REFUND for the skirt or postage costs! and I had returned the skirt to them!!.After sev­eral emails and attempted phone calls they never con­tacted me (and phone went straight to answer­phone, so they didn’t return my mes­sage either!)The biggest mis­take I made was not demand­ing a refund in the first place when they were reluc­tant to replace the skirt,I should have been more sus­pi­cious of them.If I had pushed for a refund and not waited for my bank state­ments every month I would still have been within the time limit for pay­pal to refund me my money.They prob­a­bly know this which was why they kept promis­ing me the would refund me etc.But I should not have trusted them.
    I had intended to leave feed­back on their ebay site warn­ing oth­ers of my experieces nad I told them this,but con­ve­nientlty they have in the last few weeks it seems closed it down so I guess I may not have been the only one who had prob­lems with them!!
    Any­way I just noticed this arti­cle and really wanted to warn oth­ers of this dis­hon­est site who have robbed me.I buy online alot and have never had this kind of prob­lem before but I will be very care­ful from now on.
    Hope­fully this will stop some­one los­ing their money like I did.

  4. Jen says:

    Well I would say that I have had a fab expe­ri­ence with them. I’ve bought on sev­eral occas­sions, ahd to return once because the dress just wasnt my style but easy to send it back and quick refund. My 5 other dresses are gor­geous and I’m get­ting another today.

    I dont see how Han­nah can say their stores are shut down, both the ebay & web­site sites seem to be work­ing fine…

    My friends love my dresses and have pur­chased and also been super happy. Deliv­ery is quick, dresses are fab & come in cute boxes, deliv­ery is free and cus­tomer ser­vice is great — really have no complaints.

  5. Jessica says:

    In response to Jen, i agree that Celebboutique.com are very dis­hon­est and untrustworthy!


    I recently made 3 pur­chases from this site. When my pack­age arrived it came to my atten­tion there were only 2 dresses. I emailed then straight away and told then about this. I was told the 3rd dress was out of stock. How­ever i had still been charged for this!! A woman called ‘Kim’ said i would recieve 10% off my next order and i would be refunded for the out of stock item.

    Any­way in the same email i stated that the other 2dresses did not fit & wanted to send them back. After them reciev­ing my items sent back i was told by Kim i would be refunded for ALL 3 dresses i should expect the sum of around £300 to be back in my in my account.

    I waited, waited & waited. I got in touch with them again & spoke to another lady under the name of ‘Kayla’ she apol­o­gized and said it would be in my account asap. I waited again. Nothing.

    I emailed there cus­tomer ser­vices demand­ing my money & Kim then stated they never received my items!! LIES!!! What they didnt know was that i tracked these items and was informed by Royal Mail that they did receive my pack­age as this was signed for by them. And i have copies of these. I responded to Kim stat­ing all of this & demanded my money again. No response so i called cus­tomer ser­vices & asked to speak to her. She refused to speak to me and was told by Kayla that she was not talk­ing any calls.

    It has been 3 months now & i have sought legal action. I am cur­rently in the process of this & my case is look­ing good. I will be back to give the out­come of this.

    I have been charged for a dress that i did not receive.
    And have STILL not been refunded from the dresses i returned.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be fooled by this pro­fes­sional look­ing site. The cus­tomer ser­vice peo­ple are ter­ri­ble, irre­spon­si­ble thiev­ing crooks.

    CELEBBOUTIQUE.COM KIM & KAYLA do not trust them!!
    CELEBBOUTIQUE.COM be warned!

    • Jessie says:

      No, hon­estly, the same thing hap­pened to me!! I ordered a dress from their web­site, and and when I received it, it looked NOTHING like the pic­ture. It was made with poor qual­ity, and the seams were falling out. And on top of that, on the pack­age, it said it was mailed from CHINA; some kind of weird province in China!!! SENT IT BACK, NEVER GOT MY REFUND, talked to sev­eral cus­tomer ser­vice reps and never got an answered, then they said they never received my item when I clearly had the track­ing info stat­ing that it was deliv­ered. All the peo­ple that are post­ing about great cus­tomer ser­vice and refer­ring them over and over again are prob­a­bly their own reps fak­ing it!! SOOOO PISSED!! DON’T BE FOOLED!!!

  6. T says:

    Don’t know about pre­vi­ous. Maybe celeb­bou­tique is just spotty. But I hap­pily received my refund in days. I also received my dress as promised within days and it was of great qual­ity. Sorry for Jes­sica, but I will be order­ing from them again. Love them and have referred them over and over again. They are awe­some as far as I’m concerned

  7. tobcontinued says:

    Well someone’s lying. Im very iffy about order­ing from sites like that anways. All their pics on the site are the authen­tic dress how­ever i’d like to see what THEIR actual prod­uct looks like!

  8. SUZE says:

    Oh dear
    well i am in the process of return­ing a dress which was £100 due to what looks like deo­darant marks already on the dress and it not look­ing like the pic on the site
    i just hope they dont try and blame me for the marks now .… i have emailed them to make them aware that this is how it came to me …
    will keep you updated :)

  9. myra says:

    darn and i was just about to order from them,i guess i wont be order­ing anything

  10. Bella says:

    Hi, I ordered a dress from celeb­bou­tiqe and I can say that they were very fast with the deliv­ery. The dress were beau­ti­ful on and I got many com­pli­ments when I wore it. But the qual­ity are NOT good.…at all. The dress have a hole now on the breast area :( I paid 121 euro for that dress and I hoped for bet­ter qual­ity for that money.

    I know, My eng­lish stinks (Live in Italy) hope you understand!

  11. KatieJClarke says:

    Oh dear :( ive been con­tem­plat­ing on whether to just go for it ive been so close but ive heard so many good stuff on twit­ter but so much bad on here!!

  12. MELISSA says:

    The dress I received was good qual­ity but the siz­ing runs really small but it costs more to return the dress from the U.S. than it costs to pur­chase it. Cus­tomer ser­vice is hor­ri­ble. I was also charged for a dress that was not shipped and after sev­eral emails, I handed the mat­ter over to my credit card com­pany as no refund was ever cred­ited to me account. I also received emails from kim and kayla, kayla was very rude.

  13. Amber Jackson says:

    Hi all,

    Just read­ing some com­ments on here and just wanted to tell you of my expe­ri­ence with celeb­bou­tique. I have ordered numer­ous times from celeb­bou­tique and have never expe­ri­enced any prob­lems with them. In my opin­ion they are a great online store; in fact I would say they are one of my faver­ouite online stores at the moment. I have found cus­tomer ser­vice noth­ing but help­ful and the dresses even come in a fab pre­sen­ta­tion box. I will con­tinue to order from them as up to date I have recieved some amaz­ing pieces from them with no issues :)

  14. tonya says:

    awful web­site, not very pro­fes­sional at all. the cus­tomer ser­vice is abysmal. the items are not deliv­ered within agreed timescale. The phone line has been under con­struc­tion for a week (hahaha) this is strange couldn@t imag­ine any high street store hav­ing their phone line unavail­able for such a long period.

    unsat­is­fied and still look­ing for the per­fect dress to cel­e­brate my birthday.

  15. Tyiesha says:

    Do not order from Celeb Bou­tique, they just scamed me out of $200 I will be tak­ing this up with my lawyer.. Whom eveis on here say­ing this site is real is a damn liar.. They probaly work for those crooks!

  16. Lucy says:

    Appalling com­pany, I ordered over £1,000 worth of items which I chased for three weeks for deliv­ery even though they took funds imme­di­ately. I was then informed that they required iden­ti­fi­ca­tion so I sent it off, chased the deliv­ery a week later only to be told that there was a ware­house prob­lem and my order had been over­looked. I chased a another week later and was told that I would need to re-order as they had ‘lost’ my orig­i­nal order. I was refunded 2 weeks after that which means that they had my money for around 7 weeks and at one point they had the money for BOTH orders as I paid again before the refund had come through. Dresses finally arrived and I sent 6 back imme­di­ately via recorded and signed for deliv­ery. I received an email con­firm­ing that they received my refund how­ever 2 weeks on I chased them only for them to ask me which items i returned as it has been over­looked and lost??? So i am still out­stand­ing £650, there is no tele­phone num­ber to con­tact them by and ‘Jade’ seems to take a few days to reply. Very very dodgy com­pany with ter­ri­ble cus­tomer ser­vice, if I do not receive my refund in the next week I will be con­tact­ing trad­ing ser­vices and I will go to my local cit­i­zens advice bureau and ask for help.

  17. Lisa says:

    wow thanks for the reviews every­one! i will cer­tainly not be order­ing from this site! i agree with tyiesha, any­one leav­ing good com­ments prob­a­bly works for celebboutique!

  18. Georgina says:


    I received a skirt and top from the site almost a month ago — it looked noth­ing like what it did on the site and the mate­r­ial was so cheap — not worth 70£ — so within hours of receiv­ing the item i emailed the cus­tomer ser­vice say­ing i was very dis­ap­pointed and I wanted to return the item — within the same day I sent the item back by spe­cial deliv­ery — that was 3 and a half weeks ago — after wait­ing the 10 day period — i still wasnt refunded– there has then fol­lowed weeks of emails that are com­pletely unhelp­ful — and they keep promis­ing me that they have refunded the item but they havent — i check my account every day and its not there — i have now been given a code to check with pay pal — the fact they are ask­ing me to chase pay pal is dis­gust­ing — i didnt even pay with pay pal — cus­tomer ser­vice is awful — prod­uct is awful — i can’t even find a num­ber to call them on — so if any­one knows a num­ber please email me — georginacharlesworth@pagepersonnel.co.uk — or please let me know if you have been refunded and how you did it — this is abso­lutly out­ra­geous and i have never had so many prob­lems order­ing from a web­site ! i would never ever ever ever use this site again and yes any­one say­ing they ve had no prob­lems are either extremly lucky or work for the com­pany as both my friends who ordered from this site has had prob­lems also!

    please get in touch if you can help me with my return!


  19. Carly says:

    I ordered from celeb bou­tique in octo­ber, I was excited to receive the dress only to be very dis­ap­pointed with the qual­ity of the mate­r­ial since it cost over £100 and it split when I tried it on. It took me 3 weeks after I posted the dress back (and a lot of unan­swered emails) to finally get a refund.

    I did find a new site though called “style me celeb” which offers very sim­i­lar dresses, I was a bit wary and ordered one dress just to try them out and I loved it! Ive bought another cou­ple items since, one dress didn’t fit and I had to return it but their cus­tomer ser­vice was very good and the man was so help­ful on the phone, I got refunded the day they received it back.

  20. x says:

    NEVER order from this com­pany! Roy­alty rip off and ter­ri­ble cus­tomer ser­vice. Lies and ter­ri­ble prod­uct. Dresses fall apart and are see thru. Returns not accepted and cus­toms and ship­ping costs over $100. I am now stuck with over $800 worth of garbage mer­chan­dise. DO NOT order from this com­pany ever — ever. SCAM!

  21. Kelly-anne says:

    totally DISAGREE! Ive ordered 3 items from them (2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes) and all cam exactly as pho­tographed & on time (box was a bit bashed but thats to be expected)

    I found them through see­ing a cou­ple mags fea­ture their stuff and tbh I dont shop at lipsy etc any­more — defo not a scam! Sorry to hear some peo­ple have had a bad expe­ri­ence but I never have & will con­tinue to shop there!

    Their returns is easy (i returned one as it didnt suit me) much bet­ter qual­ity than high street!

  22. Georgina says:

    hello again -

    i dont know if any­one is still com­ing back to this page but i wanted to update with the girls who have had dif­fi­culty get­ting a refund — its been a month now and i still havent been refunded —  i con­tin­u­ally ask for a tele­phone num­ber to speak to some­one and get no reply — ‘jade’ from cus­tomer ser­vices keeps telling me to check pay­pal but i didnt pay via pay­pal and i keep telling her i didnt pay via pay­pal — i have now started to write on the celeb­bou­tique wall of face­book and i get sim­i­lar responses– they tell me i have been refunded —  i have checked online time and time again and i have noth­ing — i lit­er­ally dont knwo what to d0 — all i can say is if you have had dif­fi­culty please join me and writ­ing these issues on the wall of the face­book page of celebboutique — 


  23. Enisa says:

    I’ve ordered a few items from them 3 dresses and 2 jack­ets received my ship­ments within days. Every thing I ordered did look just like it did on the site. It’s wack that some of you had to go threw bull shit. But I never had to return an item and if I do I hope your are wrong

  24. anna says:

    I think there were enough com­ments to make your own deci­sion. I’ve received an offi­cial state­ment from them which I placed as a post update. With this I think it would be fair to close com­ments here.