Quilted Purse: Marc Jacobs vs Asos

black quilted purse

Small quilted purse has a spe­cial place at every girl’s closet! We all imme­di­ately start think­ing of famous Chanel 2.55.

How­ever, there is another option avail­able: Marc Jacobs per­fect side­body carry-all. You can pay more than a half of a thou­sand and get this leather-made purse. It’s avail­able at Marc Jacobs online store:

quilted marc jacobs bag

I actu­ally don’t wear leather at all, so for me it’s always a prob­lem to find a good pair of shoes or a nice bag. When I saw this friendly priced quilted Asos bag I was happy to order it:

quilted asos bag

What do you like more? And do you find it rea­son­able to over­pay so much for the bag?

Source: Marc Jacobs Store
Source: Asos

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