Skull clutches: Alexander McQueen vs GoJane vs CELEBBoutique

Skull ring clutches

Who wants to get really unusual skull clutch — buy Alexan­der McQueen’s crea­ture! Or find some cheaper repli­cant! This small skull actu­ally looks quite scary and funny the same time. I’ve bought sim­i­lar in Vienna and then had a flight. The air­port cus­tom inspec­tion ser­vice has checked my bag very care­fully, they were doubt­ing was it a girl’s purse or a knuckle-duster :) I was afraid they they took it from me, but finally they real­ized that it was secure enough to have a flight!

Orig­i­nal Alexan­der McQueen’s lux­ury clutches are very expen­sive. The first sil­ver clutch with fingers-construction is avail­able Neiman­mar­cus, and the black clas­sic skull box clutch is avail­able Alexan­der McQueen’s web­site:

Alexander McQueen - Classic Skull Box Clutch

In case you don’t want to over­pay, you can always have an alter­na­tive to find some cheaper items. For exam­ple, CELEB­Bou­tique and GoJane both offer two nice options:

GoJane and CELEBBoutuque Skull Clutches

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