Liu Wen for Zara April 2012 lookbook

Liu Wen for Zara April 2012 lookbook

Get ready for Sum­mer? Take a look at this lovely Zara april cam­paign shoots with beau­ti­ful Liu Wen! Beau­ti­ful pas­tel col­ors and prints, very sen­sual silhouettes.

Zara april 2012: red skirt, beige jacket
White jacket, white denim skirt by Zara spring 2012
White jacket, yellow blouse by Zara
Zara april12: all white look
Plain white shirt by Zara
White skirt, red blouse by Zara
White look by Zara 2012
Blue shorts and white shirt by Zara
Chinese style flower print dress by Zara
Flower print shirt by Zara
Pink jeans by Zara 2012
Red denim  and white shirt by Zara 2012
White blouse and white shorts by Zara April 2012
White blouse, Zara 2012 lookbook
Zara: blue skirt and white coat look
White long dress by Zara
Short white dress by Zara 2012

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