Little Black Dress: Stella McCartney vs Calvin Klein vs Asos

Little Strapless Dress
Mini Peplum Dress

Stella McCart­ney is one of the most pop­u­lar design­ers among celebri­ties. Her col­lec­tions are sold out very quickly and many of their items go fur­ther to be re-produced by some other mass brands. I’ve already posted about Stella McCart­ney black peplum dress. This time I shoe you a lit­tle bit another peplum dress: both Calvin Klein and Asos pro­duced very-very sim­i­lar alter­na­tive with more than afford­able price com­pared to the original.

Stella McCart­ney dress is avail­able at Net-a-Porter:
STella McCartney Peplum Dress

A friendly-priced Calvin Klein dress is avail­able at Zap­pos:
Calvn Klein Peplum Dress

You can also pur­chase Asos dress, it’s avail­able in black and light blue:
Asos Peplum Dress

Do you like this dress?

Source: Net-a-Porter
Source: Asos
Source: Zap­pos

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