White Lace Dress: Nanette Lepore vs Zara

White Lace Dress

I’m gen­er­ally not a big fan of lace dresses, to me they almost look like under­wear. But this time Nanette Lep­ore white lace dress of medium length and fea­tured with a belt looks very fem­i­nine. Kelly Ruther­ford wore the red ver­sion pair­ing with black purse and pumps. I also like how she styled her hair to make the look more styl­ish and elegant.

Kelly Rutherford in Red Lace Dress

The dress of Nanette Lep­ore is avail­able at Nanette Lep­ore Store:

The alter­na­tive white lace dress is avail­able at Zara:

Which acces­sories would you pair with such dress?

Source: Nanette Lep­ore
Source: Zara
Source: Kelly Ruther­ford

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