Pink Skinny Jeans: TEXTILE Elizabeth and James vs Asos

I’ve just recently posted about pink skinny jeans, but this time it’s a new find­ing! You can never have enough good skinny jeans. And this sum­mer you can never have enough bright skinny jeans.

Neon Pink Skinny Jeans

You can have Tex­tile Elis­a­beth and James pink skinny jeans at Asos:

Pink jeans by TEXTILE Elizabeth and James

But where to get cheap skinny jeans? Again, this pair of afford­able Asos jeans can be bought at Asos:

Asos Pink Skinny Jeans

What do you think? What do you like more: Elis­a­beth and James, Top­shop, Dsquared2 or Asos?

Source: ASOS

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