Black Pencil Skirt: Dolce Gabbana vs Asos

Angelina Jolie in Black Pencil Skirt

When Angelina Jolie pre­sented her “Salt” movie in Moscow in 2010, she wore very nice pen­cil skirt with a silk top. I guess that was Dolce Gab­bana skirt, they’re famous for such sil­hou­ette. There is some Asos alternative.

Black Pencil Skirt

You can pur­chase this Dolce Gab­bana skirt at Bar­neys:

Black Pencil Dolce Gabbana Skirt

Asos skirt is avail­able in pink, green, oxblood and pink! Check it up at Asos store:

Black Pencil Asos Skirt

By the way, I guess these skirts per­fectly match that jacket from the pre­vi­ous post.

Source: Bar­neys
Source: Asos

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