Red ballet flats: Repetto vs Forever21 vs American Apparel

Read leather glossy ballet flats

If you’re look­ing for a pair of bright color flats, you might like these patent leather red bal­leri­nas. You can com­plete your sum­mer look with them. I would pair them with maxi skirt and sim­ple shirt to get a relaxed casual outfit.

Orig­i­nal pair is by Repetto, avail­able at Mytheresa:

Repetto read leather flats

But you can also find nice options in beige and black and pay less at Forever21:

Ballet flats by Forever21

Besides red, black and beige Amer­i­can Apparel offers brown and white ver­sion of such pair of flats:

American Apparal leather ballet flats

There is always a choice! Do you like these bal­let flats?

Source: Amer­i­can Apparel
Source: Forever21

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