Summer Wedge Sandals: Stella McCartney vs Asos

peep toe wedge sandals

I bet you have a lot of wedges (if you like wedge style, of course), but you can­not have enough of them. They’re usu­ally so comfy and stylish.

This time we take a look at Stella McCartney’s wedges. They’re from the last sea­son col­lec­tion, how­ever, it doesn’t mat­ter so much. Stella is an adept of vegan style, so this pair is made from faux leather. Unfor­tu­nately, it’s not avail­able at US Out­net web­site any­more, but you still can have these wedge san­dals at EU Out­net:

Stella McCartney Wedge Sandals

In case you would like to pay less and get more, I’m talk­ing about leather mate­r­ial, here is and afford­able ver­sion avail­able at US Asos and EU Asos. These wedges are avail­able in blue (US, EU), white (US, EU) and coral (US, EU):

White Leather Wedge Sandals

Coral Leather Wedge Sandals

What do you think? Would you pay for it? Or you’d pre­fer Stella McCartney’s version?

Source: The­Out­net
Source: Asos

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