Chanel vs Forever21

January 26, 2011

Famous Chanel bags are most desir­able things in a fash­ion world, I think. Of course, noth­ing can replace it, but I found a very nice Forever21 bag:

Chanel Bag

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Chanel vs Jeffrey Campbell

October 5, 2010

Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Chanel col­lec­tion was incred­i­bly amaz­ing! Karl Lager­feld pre­sented an arc­tic scene where mod­els demon­strated shaggy boots with iced heels and very extrav­a­gant out­fits. Since Chanel items are not avail­able any­where else but Chanel shops, I don’t know the exact price for these lovely fur boots. But I found a great afford­able alter­na­tive by Jef­frey Camp­bell. Compare?

Chanel vs Jeffrey Campbell shaggy snow boots

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Chanel vs Monki

July 25, 2010

Karl sur­passed him­self by launch­ing a new bag Chanel COCO COCOON. This is a really nice piece! You all have seen pics from their cam­paign with Johnny Depp’s wife Vanessa Par­adis. She was look­ing so charm­ing there with one of the COCO COCOON bag:

Vanessa Paradis in the campaign of Chanel Coco Cocoon bag by Karl Lagerfeld/></p>
<p>They offer many options of this COCOON bag. I hardly can tell you the price, since you can’t buy it online or via some retail­ers, it’s avail­able ONLY in Chanel stores. But, I have a very nice afford­able option for you!</p>
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Chanel vs Forever21 vs bebe

April 5, 2009

Chanel jelly thong san­dals were hits of pre­vi­ous sea­sons and sold out imme­di­ately. The price was about $350! Too much for jelly flip flop, isn’t it? You can find blue at Blue­fly for $220 (was $275), pink at eBay for $419.95. At the Spring-Summer Resort 2009 show Mr. Lager­feld offered black and white camel­lia flower ver­sion with price about $350. Let’s have a look at them all:

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2009 Must-Haves

March 26, 2009

Con­tin­u­ing with make-up new prod­ucts, let’s talk about Chanel Spring-Summer must-haves to look even more pretty!
For this make-up col­lec­tion, cre­ative make-up direc­tor Peter Philips was inspired by the Bohemian style and turned to the 1939 Gypsy cou­ture Coco Chanel collection.

Chanel Spring-Summer 2009 make-up collection

The model is Mal­go­sia Bela from Poland with very beau­ti­ful face fea­tures, I think.

Soft cham­pagne shades meld with mys­te­ri­ous plum tones. Eyes enchant and nails embell­ish in stylised colours. Red, the indis­pens­able shade of the Bohemian, comes in its light­est and most intense form for lips shim­mer­ing with absolute sensuality.

So, let’s have a closer look at this:

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Looks like Chanel and Olga Kurylenko

March 21, 2009

At Chanel fash­ion show Spring 2009 Karl Lager­feld offered a nice and so fem­i­nine blouse with bow in which Bond girl Olga Kurylenko appeared at Chanel Fall 2009 fash­ion show:

Chanel blouseOlga Kurylenko in Chanel

I think the blouse and skirt cost a lot, so I found the same look for a less money!

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Chanel vs Mango

February 20, 2009

At the Spring Cou­ture 2009 fash­ion show Chanel offers white and black and light looks: mini dresses with leg­gings or slim-legged pants.

In Mango shops you can surely afford it: