Chanel vs Jeffrey Campbell

October 5, 2010

Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Chanel col­lec­tion was incred­i­bly amaz­ing! Karl Lager­feld pre­sented an arc­tic scene where mod­els demon­strated shaggy boots with iced heels and very extrav­a­gant out­fits. Since Chanel items are not avail­able any­where else but Chanel shops, I don’t know the exact price for these lovely fur boots. But I found a great afford­able alter­na­tive by Jef­frey Camp­bell. Compare?

Chanel vs Jeffrey Campbell shaggy snow boots

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Reader’s Request: Givenchy booties! Get ready for Fall 2009!

July 12, 2009

Denise wrote:

i am in love with these boots that hanne gaby has in in these pic­tures. espe­cially the two in the mid­dle look like the same boots to me.
i have no idea which boots these are, and would love to know. Some­one in the fash­ion spot forum thought that they were these Givenchy boots but i am not sure that they are.. and they are sold out every­where. i checked with bar­neys today. I would love love love an alternative!

thanks so much!!!!


Denise also send me the pic­ture of model Hanne Gaby wear­ing these desir­able boots:

Hanne Gaby wearing Givenchy booties

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