Neiman Marcus vs Speigel

October 5, 2010

When it’s rain­ing out­side, what can be bet­ter than a warm, cosy cardi­gan? It’s irre­place­able item in your win­ter wardrobe! Let’s check what we can afford here:

Neiman Marcus vs Speigel cardigan

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Julian Chang vs Spiegel

September 19, 2010

This dress has an inter­est­ing shoul­ders dec­o­ra­tion. Julian Chang’s dress is avail­able at Edressme:

Mocha Off the Shoulder Dresses by Julian Chang

At Spiegel you can buy another Sunny-Orange ver­sion for less:

Off-the-Shoulder Jersey Dress by Spiegel

Source: Edressme
Source: Spiegel